Xylophonia: Ragtime Marimba

Xylophonia: Ragtime Marimba

From March 04, 2:00 pm until March 04, 4:00 pm

At Wellfleet Preservation Hall




Categories: Music

Join us for this fun afternoon concert!

XYLOPHONIA celebrates the golden age of the xylophone during the 1920’s and 1930’s, and especially the music of George Hamilton Green, the greatest xylophone virtuoso of his time. Green was also a prolific composer, arranger and recording artist, and a hugely influential teacher and instrument designer. Along with his brother Joseph Green, and other great xylophonists such as Sammy Herman, Harry Breuer and Red Norvo, George Hamilton Green made the xylophone a favorite and much-respected presence on both the concert and vaudeville stages. The xylophone was a perfect medium for the popular ragtime and dance music of the day, for radio, silent movies, and for the early acoustic recording process.