Annual Guidebook Cover Competition

Artists are invited to submit work of an easily recognizable Wellfleet scene that will be featured on the cover of the 2024 Wellfleet Chamber Guidebook. Each year thousands of copies of the Guidebook are printed and distributed, giving the cover artist a unique opportunity to share their work throughout the region.

Artwork submissions accepted now through October 10 at 5:00pm. The form for submission is listed on the competition webpage listed below.

 Entries will be displayed on our website for the virtual Competition Art Show starting in early November on the Chamber website. Ballots will be accepted at this time, giving the Wellfleet Chamber community an opportunity  to cast their ballot for the 2024 cover.

 Contest winners will be announced in November 2024. 

from the Wellfleet Chamber

Thank you for your support of this annual contest.

The Annual Guidebook Cover Competition is a long-standing Wellfleet Chamber tradition that began 40+ years ago to support artists in “The Art Gallery Town”.

Each year thousands of copies of the Guidebook are printed and distributed to visitors in Wellfleet and across the Cape Cod region, and we are proud to support artists and provide the winner a unique opportunity to share their artwork with a wide audience.


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